First of all, mycryptocity represents a space-age ‘MYCTY’ colony ship. It is a space age simulation game built and will be the new salvation of human history. Players progress through this universe using MYCTY Token and can earn more coins.

It is planned to be released with 3D mobile game…

In the previous period, the sale was completed for 3% of the total token supply. 6,500,000 MYCTY tokens were sold for the early period.
With the month of January, we are entering the strategic period. 10,000,000 MYCTY tokens will begin to collect requests for sales.
Sales will start on the Coinmarketcap ICO…

Dear My Crypto City community, the time is running out for the private sale. This article will be a guide to basic questions such as how to question whether it has won the right to buy or how the winners will buy.

In this article, we will rework the token-related…


What is the metaverse?

At first glance, it may seem like an enhanced version of Virtual Reality VR technology, but some think that metaverse technology is the future of the internet.

In fact, many believe the metaverse is to virtual reality technology what modern smartphones were to chunky cell phones of the 1980s.


Do you want to take your place in the crazy metaverse world?
This is where we come in, why?
-The most accessible and largest sector is the mobile sector.
From here, many people can be easily reached and rapid growth can be achieved.

You will be informed about our work…

📌 The private sale whitelist is closing on December 10.
📌 Those who did not appear in the draw will continue for the Strategic sale.
📌 Winners will be removed from the ranking.

✅ Tokens that are not received will be transferred to the public sale,
✅ Everyone will be given…

Solana was designed for speed and can currently handle more than 50,000 operations per second.
By using this speed, we can achieve speed awareness in the field of distribution and usage.

Avg. cost per transaction $0.00025 (10.2021)

Bitcoin continues to increase its popularity day by day. There is no doubt that the usage areas will become…

We continue to work

The digital game industry, which is a new and powerful component of global trade, has gained an important place in world trade in the last 10 years and has become a stronger and growing industry day by day.

In this success of the sector, the increase in the place of…

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