About the project

Do you want to take your place in the crazy metaverse world?
This is where we come in, why?
-The most accessible and largest sector is the mobile sector.
From here, many people can be easily reached and rapid growth can be achieved.

You will be informed about our work very soon.

📌 Private sale whitelist closes on 10 December.
📌 Those who don’t win will continue to be registered for the “Strategic Sale”.
📌 Winners will be removed from the ranking.

✅ Everyone will be given a chance to be fair,
✅ Those with higher quest points will have higher priority.

📖 Details will be announced as they get closer.

❗️ Check the website links you entered.
❗️ Access all channels from the website if possible.

⭐️ https://mycryptocity.net
⭐️ https://twitter.com/MyCrypto_City
⭐️ https://mycryptocity.medium.com
⭐️ https://t.me/MyCryptoCityChat
⭐️ https://t.me/mycryptocity



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