MYCTY Pre-sales Guide

Dear My Crypto City community, the time is running out for the private sale. This article will be a guide to basic questions such as how to question whether it has won the right to buy or how the winners will buy.

In this article, we will rework the token-related information, such as distributions and how your balances should be tracked after the sale.

On December 10, when the winners are announced, you will receive an email stating if you are on the list. Even if you are not selected, a notification e-mail will be sent.

There will be a button on the main page where you can inquire about your selection. Login here and enter your e-mail and if you win, you will continue to the next step.

When the sale is sold out or ends, a token program button will be placed on the top right of the homepage, where you can always log in. From here you can access your tokens if you want.

Token Ticker: MYCTY
Platform: SOLANA
Max Total Supply: 200.000.000
Private Sale: 10.000.000 (%5)
Token Price: $0.035
Payment Units: SOL, USDT, USDC

Go to the documents for more details and distribution information

To receive the token, you need to submit the Whitelist and KYC form.

The majority will consist of 750 people who will be chosen at random, provided that there is a partial priority of points. Don’t forget! Even if you are selected, this will not ensure that you can definitely purchase the token. Due to high bids, the token sale may end earlier. Sales will begin on a first come, first served basis. There is a Min: $100 Max: $15,000 limit.

My Crypto City represents an idle and tycoon game model.
It offers content specific to mobile platforms.
Although it is similar to Defi projects, its operation is different in every way.

First, when a user starts the game, he will encounter 2 different methods.

One is for playing the game using MYCTY token, the other is for playing the game using game currency currency.

The difference between them is as follows; The player who uses MYCTY tokens gets MYCTY tokens as a reward, The player who uses the game money can only play the game by using the game money and cannot make a passive or active gain.

However, a small amount of MYCTY tokens may be allocated to the players at the events to be held at certain intervals.

There are many ways to ensure the sustainability of the tokens and the game and to increase their value constantly. These are as follows;

~ 0.2% of every token used in the game is burned automatically.

~ For every coin sent and withdrawn into the game, 0.3% of it will be burned automatically.

~ For every transaction made in the game, a 0.1% token transfer is provided to a designated main vault of the city. These tokens are redistributed at events.

~ 0.1% of the tokens used for game development are kept for development expenses and sustainability.

How to secure and route tokens?

~MTCTY tokens are held in multiple vaults. These are as follows; a) players tokens b) secured tokens c) backed up tokens d) transparency of tracking tokens

A~ Players tokens are stored in reliable cold wallets. It is used to take screenshots of them and return them in a possible case.

B~ Secured tokens are kept encrypted in multiple accounts. They are ready to be used for contingency compensation in extraordinary situations.

C~ Backed up tokens are logically similar to option b. The difference between them is reserved for use in system-related errors, not in extreme cases.

D~ Tokens tracking transparency makes the reserved contract addresses available to everyone. We can define it like this: one address only receives data while the other only transfers data. Thus, everything is recorded.

These tokens will have no impact on the price cycle. Tokens lost due to the system are sent completely into the void and focus on maintaining the price value by reducing the token supply.

Why in the solana infrastructure?

One of the most beautiful features that distinguishes the Solana network from other networks is that it prevents code complexity and does not accept excessive permissions.

The Solana network prevents the token from damaging its main structure by locking and encodings. Thus, a more reliable network mechanism emerges.

Besides, it has a convenient and fast network transfer.

It strengthens itself by expanding it with the contributions it has.

Since we see its future well, we have cooperated using the solana network.

About The Token

My Crypto City total token count is set at 200,000,000 MYCTY

The mint is closed and the number of tokens can never be changed.

20% is reserved for sale.

40% is reserved for winning from the game.

10% is allocated to the team and will be distributed piece by piece as locked.

15% is reserved for the market. Let’s examine what this means;

~ We need to examine this spread over a long timeline. Tokens reserved for the market are briefly the precursors of new stock market listings. When it’s time for a listing, market tokens come into play and are used to contribute to the listing budget. Or it is used for market making. But since this rate is used very little, you cannot feel the difference in price change. It is foreseen to be used for timelines of +5 years and above.

7% is reserved for events. Various events increase the popularity of the token and allow it to gain volume.

8% is reserved for liquidity.



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