MYCTY Strategic Sale Season Begins

In the previous period, the sale was completed for 3% of the total token supply. 6,500,000 MYCTY tokens were sold for the early period.
With the month of January, we are entering the strategic period. 10,000,000 MYCTY tokens will begin to collect requests for sales.
Sales will start on the Coinmarketcap ICO Calendar.

How can I join?
You can register for the sale by filling out the Whitelist + KYC forums via the link. You can follow telegram and twitter for the exact date of the sale time.

Token Information
Tokens for sale: 10M (5% Max total supply)
Sale price: $0.07
Total received: — — / $700K
Distribution: 20% TGE, Linear Vesting for 7 Month

According to the planned date, listing and token distribution will be made in Q2 2022.

If you are not following us on coinmarketcap, you can start watching so you can be aware of innovations when they hit the market.

New Features to Add to the Game
+ You will earn MYCTY tokens by mining interplanetary.
+ You will gain more productive work by keeping the morale of your Space Colony high.
+ You will make provisions such as food in special farming compartments.
+ You will be able to collectively occupy new exploration planets in the galaxy, thus earning a limited number of event tokens.
+ By using your workshops, you will be able to produce more miner ships and expand your area.
+ You will be able to provide stake feature within the game with stakeholder distributions according to the participants, over a certain annual distribution.

It may take a long time for the game process to work properly. You will be able to access detailed images and information about all new areas and contents recorded as soon as possible through social media channels.

50 New Year’s Eve ticket draws for early access participants will be announced on 31 December 2021. There are a total of 981 ticket participations. 2,000 MYCTY tokens will be added to each winning ticket.

Merry Christmas !



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