MYCTY Token Sale

We continue to grow as the MyCryptoCity community.
We have come to the end of the first quarter of 2022. In addition to the number of tokens purchased in this token sale, +10% MYCTY tokens will be offered to the user as an early access in-game.
For example: Someone who buys $1000 of MYCTY Tokens has 14285 tokens. +1428 coins will be sent to the user as an early access bonus in the game and an in-game early access registration will be opened. In the game, early access users are given 300% apy stakes and the right to collect resources that will be functional in the future.

Token Sale Information
Only 2% of your Max Supply is for sale
($300K = 4.3M) MYCTY
Token Price: $0.07
Min: $100 — Max: $5000
Payment Units: SOL, USDT, USDC
See tokenomics by opening this link
Enter the main page from the link above and fill out the WHITELIST (KYC) form.
The accuracy of your KYC information will be checked by our team. After March 20, your KYC checks will begin. If your information is not missing, you will receive a confirmation message after 20 March.

Provide a valid email link.
-Provide a valid solan wallet address. (not exchange wallets like binance, gate, kukoin)
-Take a picture of your identity card, driver’s license or passport and send it.

Purchased tokens will be loaded into MYTOKENS first. Here you will be able to check your coins and their accuracy. The reason why your tokens are not sent to your wallets early is to prevent unauthorized market opening.
Tokens will be sent to your wallets at the time of listing.

After your tokens are uploaded to the MYTOKENS section, your beta registration will be created and information will be sent. After this stage, you can enter the beta program by resetting your password and verifying your e-mail in the game.



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