Why did the Metaverse become popular?


What is the metaverse?

At first glance, it may seem like an enhanced version of Virtual Reality VR technology, but some think that metaverse technology is the future of the internet.

In fact, many believe the metaverse is to virtual reality technology what modern smartphones were to chunky cell phones of the 1980s.

Instead of being at the computer, you can enter a virtual world where all digital media are connected to each other in the fictional reality, metaverse, with only equipment consisting of headphones and glasses.

Unlike the current virtual reality, which is mostly used for computer games, in the fictional universe entered through the metaverse, you can also work, play games, go to the movie theater or just wander.

Many envision being able to create and use a three-dimensional (3D) avatar that is a representative of yourself in this universe.

But for now, there is no single agreed-upon definition for the metaverse, as this is just an idea.

Why has the metaverse become so popular?

In the digital world and augmented reality (augmented reality), some trends emerge every few years, but they usually fade after a short while.

But right now, there’s a lot of excitement about the metaverse among wealthy investors and big tech companies. If the internet as it is said has a future, no one wants to be left behind.

In addition, there is a feeling that technology is suitable for this system for the first time, especially with the developments in VR (virtual reality) technology in computer games and the inter-device connectivity feature approaching the required levels.

To summarize briefly and based on current information;

Yes, the Metaverse can be built on a really big virtual world. But things will not be as simple as they seem.
While navigating a virtual city you will need to purchase virtual items, everything you step in will have a cost. Buddha will drive people away from himself.
These need to be carried out in a very good balance.

Being Metaverse + Play2Earn?

Of course it is possible, but nothing can progress 100% unconditionally. The contents of this are somehow compensated,
For example, the simplest general information of people can be collected from here. We can briefly interpret this as follows; “If a user likes car content, cookies such as websites and searches on the internet are actually sold to car companies for money. In this way, this user is actually provided with access to purchase through various advertising means. Thus, the phase of selling materials takes place again.”

Context between My Crypto City and the metaverse?

To summarize, without too much confusion, any virtual universe qualifies as a metaverse.

MYCTY will have its own virtual universe.
Users will be able to do many activities and earn coins.
Think of it this way: you can stake today, you can lock for yield farm. Or you can do mining.

With MYCTY, all of these can be in one place but will be different in terms of usage.

A user will be able to increase their passive income by using their tokens instead of locking them and leaving. In other words, it is such a system that is meant to be mentioned here when it comes to rewarding players.

My Crypto City will host an order established for those who work rather than the lazy. Of course, the labor here will be based on strategic decisions rather than being on the job for hours.


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